🥇 Why isn't my score showing on the leaderboard?

Did you have a great day on the course but nobody knows because your score isn’t showing on the leaderboard? Here are some steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Showing on leaderboards is a feature of UDisc Pro, if you are not a current UDisc Pro subscriber, you will want to subscribe at Subscribe to UDisc Pro | UDisc. After subscribing, you should see your scores on the leaderboard.

  2. If you are a UDisc Pro subscriber, make sure that you are logged in to your UDisc account in the app. You can verify this by tapping on the ‘Profile’ tab. If you are logged in, you should see your name and UDisc username at the top.

  3. Next, tap on More → Advanced Settings and toggle off and back on the ‘Show on leaderboards’ option.

  4. Lastly, if you still aren’t seeing your scores on the leaderboard, tap on ‘Profile’ then tap ‘Edit’ in the top right corner, and then ‘Save.’

If none of the above steps solve the issue please reach out to us at help@udisc.com.

I once did a glow round at a course and we kept paper scorecards, it was one of the best rounds I had shot all year so I went to put it into UDisc after and I was unsurprised to see it didn’t make it to the leaderboards. I think I even put in full stats as best as I could remember (though I’ll have to check this to be sure). Also I think it was two rounds if 9 so both cards this happened to.

My idea was it probably looked like a big red flag: round time would’ve been like 5-10min, score would’ve done well on the leaderboard, and I’m not even totally sure if it would count on my profile stats either. I do like that these measures are in place to keep a lot of false rounds from submitting, but man I wish I was just tracking on UDisc from the start.

Hi Nate,

Thanks for contributing to the community. Even scorecards entered after the fact should be able to show on leaderboards. If you ever run into something like this again, please don’t hesitate to contact us at help@udisc.com and we will see what we can do to get you squared away.

Why did the leaderboards change to only show one score per person on the leaderboard? Now all but one score are not showing up. Please put the full list of scores back on the leaderboard.

Hi Matt,

This was a recent popularly requested change to ensure that leaderboards show a diverse collection of players, instead of the same player(s) populating multiple times across a leaderboard. Appreciate your feedback here!

Hi Jenn - as a course ambassador I have been using the leaderboard to track usage of the course and am now unable to do that. Can you pleas add a toggle feature to allow a selection to either see all plays or just one per user?

Hi Matt, thanks for your suggestion. We will pass that along to the team. But please keep in mind, that only UDisc Pro subscribers that have elected to show on leaderboards are visible. This means that many times players on the course track rounds that never make it to the leaderboards. The best way to track usage of the course is by viewing the Statistics available in your Course Tools.

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