👥 Why was my league application rejected?

Did you try to create a new league, but it wasn’t approved? Below are some common reasons that new leagues might be rejected.

  1. Your league was created on a private (Invite Only) course or details indicated it was a private league. Currently UDisc leagues are publicly available and we do not have support for private leagues. All approved leagues will be listed publicly in the app and available to the public.

  2. Your league appears to be a duplicate of an existing league. Did you have a league last year and you are trying to set up another for the new season? If so, a new league is not necessary. From your dashboard at UDisc.com you can locate your existing league and simply add new events to that league. If there is some reason that a new league is needed, reach out to help@udisc.com.

  3. The league name or details contains profanity. If your application contains any profanity or otherwise vulgar or inappropriate language, it will not be approved.

If you feel your submission does not match any of the above reasons, please feel free to reach out to us at help@udisc.com.