Wish list-Recording different tees on same card

I’m not sure if this can be done but it would be great it we had the option of recording different tees on the same card. For instance I play casual rounds with my husband and he’s playing long tees while I play short. We either each keep score or pick one layout and both use it with one persons score from the wrong tee. Any way around this?


Hi Karen, great question! Thanks for contributing to this community. Currently, you are not able to score different layouts (pin/tee positions) within the same scorecard. This is a fantastic idea, that we’ll take into consideration for future updates!


Just replying here to second this opinion! I often keep score for our card with a few people playing shorts and a few people playing long tees. Sometimes I run separate cards on my phone, but if there was a way to easily select the course layout for each person on the card that would be awesome. And have that update based on the pars and whatever stroke count we put in. Thank you guys!


I am also in full agreement. I play the majority of my rounds with my 10 year old son…a feature like this would be really helpful. Also, anything to promote growth and reduce the intimidation factor for new players…I’m a fan.


Didn’t find this earlier, but along the same idea of a post I had yesterday… The would be a great addition UDisc.

This is a great Idea, we are posting at diffrent times and place but lets do what we can to link them all together.

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