Activity Rounds

Don’t want to keep score? No problem!

Remove the stress with activity rounds, a way for you to get credit for your rounds, steps, and more without having to tally your strokes. Plus, you’ll still have access to hole details and the course map so you always know where the next tee is.

We know you’re devoted to your community and helping the growth of disc golf. So we made sure to include activity rounds in a course’s total rounds played stats! So get out there and record your first activity round this weekend. (Don’t forget to come back and tell us what you think!)


This has been a great addition to my UDisc experience. I play some practice rounds that I really don’t want to keep score. However, I do like to log the amount of rounds that I have played. This allows me to still record the round and distance walked without having to keep score. Sometimes you just want to throw zones and putt.


Great idea ! I can practice my forehands without the lasting shame. lol


Hey there, activity rounds are great. I practice my drives a lot. But not on the local course, but on a soccer field. Or I practice outting in my garden for hours.
Would be great if you could start an activity round everywhere , not just on a listed course


Great addition. Perfect for these early spring rounds when I’m playing around with different molds deciding what makes the bag this season.


I like this idea. Do you use the “track throws” feature while practicing? I like it to get an average of distance for my discs.