Add Stats to existing Card

A lot of times I play, other card mates keep score for the group. Most of the time they only keep the hole score for the group without the stats for each player. (kind of a pain to do it for the entire group on course) Because I use the stats to analyze my performance and progression, I end up deleting myself from the card later and putting in a separate card with full stats.

IS THERE A WAY to edit the group scorecard later but actually adding all of my personal stats. I know we can edit the hole score after the fact, but to be able to add stats later would be pretty great.

Thanks for your help with this!

Jason R

Hi Jason, thanks for joining the community! There IS a way to do it without removing yourself and completing a whole new scorecard. :smiley: In the same way that you can edit hole scores, you would just edit the scorecard, change the scoring mode to full stats, and then on each hole, remove all your strokes and reenter them with your full stats. When editing a scorecard for this purpose, I recommend saving the scorecard image or grabbing a screenshot of the finished scorecard to make sure you don’t mistakenly change anyone’s scores.

Thanks for this. I will try it out today.

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I just updated my round from yesterday. You do have to be mindful of what position you are, with the players positions moving around on the card based on score, but it works great. Thanks again!


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Hi @wannagopro, in addition to editing later, all players can add scores to a live scorecard they are included on.

So even if someone else is keeping score for the group, you could enter yours with stats while finishing the hole.