Feature Request - Editable Shots through Record Throw on Scorecard

Hey Team UDisc!

Love the progression on that app! One thing I’d like to see implemented would be the ability to look at recorded throws from Scorecard Rounds either in line with the “Measure Throw” list or it’s own.

I’d like to also be able to edit those throws as after you’ve moved on to another hole you are unable to look at the individual throws or go back an associate a disc with it. I know you can do it at the point of the throw, but going backwards to look at previous throws you cannot.

If this isn’t clear I can try to explain it better if you have questions.

Thank you guys for helping grow the sport!

Thanks for providing feedback here. Can you give me a bit more information about how you would be using this? Are you wanting to go back after a round and add the disc and throw type to each throw, rather than entering that information when you record the throw? Then you would like to filter measured throws by ones recorded during the same round? As a workaround for the moment, sorting your throws by date should allow you to see the ones recorded on the same day.

If it’s possible to have the option for both? I know sometimes I forget to add the disc and move on, then I’d have to either back track to the locations I threw then add the disc.

If this is a simple filter sure, but not specifically. If they already go into the logged throws then that’s my bad for not seeing it and that works perfectly for my use case.

I appreciate how fast you guys are responding!

Thanks for explaining! If you don’t add a disc and throw type, then the thow is not included in the list. However, anytime you add that information to a recorded throw, it will then be included in the running list that you can see.

Currently, I believe what you are hoping to do is possible, it just may not be super clear. I attached a screen recording here showing that you can go back to a previous hole, tap on the landing spot, and the option to add a disc and throw type is available to you. If I misunderstood, or you aren’t experiencing the same options, please let me know!


Wow - well I feel foolish. I went in and edited an old scorecard where I logged throws and what do you know… I was able to associate a disc just like you outlined. Thank you very much!

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