Disc lost and found through udisc

Would be great to have a feature where someone playing a course can note they lost a disc that day and what hole. Allow anyone playing that course to see lost disc listings and comment when discs are found. Could be very helpful. Make sure to include a way to remove listings when discs are found and or have listings expire over time.


Would also be cool if this function let you say if the course had a drop box or something similar to recover your disc that might have been found.


I like the idea of at least the course description saying if there is a tossed and found box on the course. A location for it ( i.e. Attached to Large Tree in Corner of parking lot near hole 1 ; On Kiosk Posts at Hole 1 Blue Tee ) . I think I’ll just go ahead and add that to our course description now.

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But actually there is no means to add a comment about Tossed and Found Box existence or location

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Your post reminds me of how early on using my UDisc account I posted pictures of the various discs in my bag. Perhaps somehow that would be the pathway to reporting that particular disc is lost and on what hole and course it was lost on. (I need to update the discs in my bag - this would motivate me to do it.)

I started writing the following that comes at the problem from the opposite direction. The forum identified your suggestion as similar, so I’m posting it here instead of a separate thread:

I seem to find discs without a name or number often enough, and would welcome a feature that would let me notify all UDisc users who are currently playing the course (or maybe any who started their round in the last 24 hours) that an unmarked disc was found.

Thinking an alert with disc color and hole # would be sufficient. If someone receiving that alert recognizes that it’s theirs, some way for them to contact the “scorekeeper” reporting the found disc would be ideal.


Free Range Orphans - aren’t anyone’s problem but the person who was careless enough to not mark their “children” Finders Keepers in this instance.

How cool would it be to have a course/city/metro/region leader board that sorted on User that reunites the most discs?!

This is a great idea.