Having issues with search

When ever anyone sends me a link for a course to go to and play. It doesn’t open.nore when I copy the link and try to search for it, it says no results found.and even when I deleted and try searching for it,it still says no results

Sorry to hear you are having issues here. What is the course that you are searching for? Are you searching in the app or on the web directory? We’ll be happy to help however we can!

thanks for getting back to me.its a mix of both.my gf will find a course and will send it to me I’ll click on it. It opens to my home page…not leading me to the course. So then I close up everything and copy the link and go to search.and it says no results. Then lastly I delete everything and just start to type in the course and it appears.any ideas. My gf phone is an apple and I have an android. We both have the same app. Any info would be.i also tried to take screenshots of what I’m talking about and It won’t it will only allow one image.

Can you reach out to me at help@udisc.com and send along the screenshots that you have? We will be happy to dig into this with you and see what is going on. :smiley: