How to properly track disc distance during a round

I’ve been using the app for around a year now and I’ve tried to use the “track shot” feature during a round to get more “stats” of each round. IE able to hit C2, distance of discs… etc.

I can never figure it out. I’ve tried the to watch the demo video but its from a MUCH MUCH earlier version of the app that doesn’t work.

I’ve turned GPS on, track my distance, etc. But at the end of a round if I switch to a new hole it doesn’t count my shots.

Thanks for help.

Hi CJ!

I am sorry to hear you are having some trouble with that. It sounds like maybe you aren’t completing each hole. It is necessary when scoring this way that you hole out at the end of each hole. This can be by tapping the basket, or by tapping the plus sign and indicating that the final throw landed ‘in the basket.’

If I misunderstood the issue, or it seems to be something different, please reach out to us at If you could send along any screenshots or screen recordings of what you are experiencing, that would be helpful as well.