Recording throws not showing up on monthly report

When playing rounds I like to record some of my throws. I’ve been doing this to track distance and was hoping to see this show up on my monthly report. Just got my monthly report and it says zero throws recorded. Am I doing something wrong when playing? Does record throw not count towards the monthly report?

Hi dude, is the app saving your throws? These can be found two ways:

  1. Tap the More tab in the app, and then select Throws.
  2. Tap the Profile tab in the app, and the. Select the Measured Throws row that appears below the map of courses played.

Both ways will take you to a list of all your measured throws. You can then filter these by Date, which should help you see your progress.

I can’t speak on the monthly report. I don’t tend to read the personal one. The course ambassador monthly email is much more interesting though.

Hey Alex! I’m not seeing any recorded throws saved onto your account either so I don’t think it’s an issue with the replay. Are you selecting a start and end, adding the disc that you used to the throw, selecting how you threw the disc, and then tapping “save”? It’s somewhat of a long process. Let me know if this helps!


Hey @alevesque, I am going to chime in here as well. If you are recording your throw while scoring a round, it sounds like you might be missing a step. After entering where your throw landed, you need to tap on the small icon that looks like a ruler. That will allow you to select the disc thrown, and the kind of throw, then save. This step will actually save it to your list of throws, and be accessible after the round. Without this step, it won’t be saved as an actual throw, and will only exist in that scorecard. If you have any other issues or need more help, please let me know! :flying_disc:

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