Tracking hole stats across layouts

It would be nice to have the ability to suggest holes across different layouts are the same. My local courses are constantly making small modifications to a few holes and each time they do all my historical hole stats are reset. If only hole 18 changes I’d still like to pull up to hole 4, the same hole 4 I’ve always played, and see my stats for that hole while recording a round on the new layout. Same for tourneys and such that may add holes 19-21 or something and with it crate a new layout.

A UDisc team member can correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that stats are tracked against the ‘path’ regardless of hole name. So if the hole hasn’t actually changed, the stats should be preserved despite a change to numbering.

If the course ambassador deletes the previous maps and starts from scratch, then I imagine that there isn’t much that UDisc can do to preserve stats in that scenario.

On the other side, a TD might use additional OB or mandos for a tournament but these are not tracked in UDisc. So if the TD uses the regular mapped hole paths for their temp tournament layout (which I understand to be best practice), the hole stats may be inaccurate.

All that to say, take holes stats with a pinch of salt if your course has lots of different ways to be played.

Hi Tyler, it sounds like your course might still be using Classic Layouts. Smart Layouts are designed to work exactly as you are requesting. When everything is mapped out on the Map Manager, then Smart Layouts can use many different variations, while all the stats from the paths being played can stay connected. If you’ll reach out to us at, we’ll see how we can help with getting your course set up correctly.