Why cant I approve changes as a course ambassador?

As the main course ambassador, is there a reason why i can’t accept the changes done to the map myself?

In my honest opinion the lead ambassador approves the changes which are submitted by other ambassadors who don’t have the permission.

How can I apply to be the “lead” of my course and be in charge of changes made?

User story: I basically reset my entire map (deleted everything) to add some holes and to get rid of the chaos we’ve made since smart layouts started.
I assume that all my layouts will be gone as soon as the changes made are approved so I want to be here as soon as it hits.

Hi Silvan, Thanks for contributing to the Community. Updates made to Map Manager go through a manual review process by Team UDisc - please allow 24-48 hours for approval, although we do try to get through them as soon as possible.

When changes are made layouts may become inactive but they do not disappear from your course. They will instead show a red edit that will indicate it needs attention. Please feel free to let us know at help@udisc.com if you have any course specific questions or need any further help! Best, Team UDisc

Hi Becky,
But why is it reviewed? I cant submit the changes when I have any “red dot” so what are my submitted changes checked upon?

Thanks in advance!

Red edits definitely help cut down on incorrectly mapped elements but they don’t cover all scenarios. In order to ensure the Course Directory is as accurate and tidy as possible we do manually review any new courses, and anytime a tee, target, or hole from a Map Manager that was already setup and approved is deleted. Sometimes Course Ambassadors might not realize they are deleting something important or moving elements that are connected to other elements, etc.
I know it’s “one more step” but we do work hard to get through everything in the queues multiple times a day so hopefully it doesn’t add excessive time to your updates. If there is ever something you need approved “now” you are always welcome to email in at help@udisc.com and let us know. Aces, Becky Kate