Ability to duplicate rounds

I would like to be able to duplicate a round that I commonly play. I usually play a lunch round on the same course/layout/starting hole multiple days a week - I’d like to be able to hit some kind of “repeat last round?” or “repeat favorite/starred round?” button or something similar. My current flow:

  1. walk to course and hit start round button in udisc
  2. hit recent button in ‘select courses’
  3. hit course
  4. hit layout
  5. confirm players (just myself)
  6. change starting hole to 5, confirm
  7. hit create scorecard

I’m aware there are watch integrations, but I don’t have any hardware that’s compatible.
This is a minor nitpick, but that’s a lot of movement through the UI on my phone.

Hi @mynamewastaken. Others agree with your suggestion, check out this earlier post: Let’s go again button!