Aerial imagery is missing

I can’t see the background when using map manager or editing layouts. I’m using a desktop windows computer with chrome. I’ve cleared caches, site data, updated chrome and windows. Still nada.

Hi Levi, thanks for letting us know. This is the first I have seen of the issue, and I am unable to replicate it. Can you try restarting your computer? Additionally, does it work at all for you in a different browser?

I’ve tried everything like that. It works on my chromebook but not my desktop unit.

The maps in Map Manager and elsewhere on are provided by Mapbox. Mapbox uses WebGL to render, so a first step is to check that WebGL is enabled and working properly at

There are additional troubleshooting steps in this article:

Since the map seems to function but not display the map tiles, another possible root cause is that there is some sort of request-blocker (like an ad blocker) that is blocking requests to mapbox’s servers when it tries to load the map tiles.

Hey Scott,

Thanks reaching out. It works when I use incognito mode in Chrome…does that mean anything to you?

Ya, typically most extensions are not running in Ingocnito mode, so that suggests to me that you have one or more extensions installed that are blocking the loading of map tiles from mapbox.

I think it might be Bitdefender, thanks dude!

This could be added to a Map Manager FAQ or trouble shooting guide if it hasn’t been already.