Can you create a split scorecard for multiple layouts

It would be great to create a scorecard that allows people to play different tees on the same hole. This would be ideal for taking beginners out who want to play short tees while you play long tees.


I second this request….I play the majority of my rounds with my 10 year old son. I end up having to enter false data for him when he plays shorter tees.

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+1 this request for me too.

It would make playing with new players or kids way easier to score when using different tees, layouts, or pars.


Great idea. My group ran into that exact same scenario yesterday.

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I run into this scenario alot with mixed doubles or playing with newer players.


I’d also use this often. Any course with long and short tees, if I play longs, my wife plays shorts, and so doesn’t get consistent scorecard data.

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I concur, with a twist - I’ll sometimes play multiple “players” by myself if the course isn’t crowded - usually a forehand vs backhand round, but have also done some where I play multiple layouts.

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agreed! Playing with my wife or newer players this would be an amazing option to have.

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This is a great Idea, we are posting at diffrent times and place but lets do what we can to link them all together.

Thanks so much for linking all of these similar requests together, Scotty! This seems to be a popular ask recently- I will be sure to record it on our running list of Member Requests.

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No problem Becky, I thought I was one the only one, and one person other posted & attached some to my link, then when I figured that out and searched more, I found more of the same thought with different wording. Then I just tried to figure out how can I start to bring these all together. After I figure out the UDisc platform better I knew I need to span a bridge to link them all together some how so that others could see that is a much broader idea and that others were on the same page and hopefully help us all gain some traction.
With that being said, I know that it’s not easy coding and make a design come to life to integrate into a system. While most of us would like to think that is just a click of the button, ha ha, in reality i know it’s far more complex than that. Thanks for taking time to consider our suggestions and taking this to the table as something to talk about for us on our behalf.
Keep up the great Work Becky, and Thank you UDisc for all the hard work you do to bring us a great product.

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Kind of the same question. In a casual round were there are options on tee pads and or baskets the player that has the “box” can pick the layout of the next hole. This gives the person on the box to play to their advantages. Example someone who can throw long can pick the long basket to keep his advantage. Anyway, it would be nice to score accordingly with UDisc. We also play where we flip a coin to decide what basket tee combination we play.

Rod - you should be able to do this with smart tees. You can pick the tee and basket just with smart tees. You just have to have everyone on the scorecard use the same tee basket combo.