Is UDisc ever going to have Match Play Score Card Capability?

A group of guys and myself have been running a tags league for a few years now. Our singles league concludes with a match play bracket championship. We also run a doubles league that is solely match play opposed to stroke play. In order to keep track, we will typically just mark Par’s for a push and a birdie for the player that wins the hole. It serves its purpose just fine, but with that, you don’t know what you would have actually scored stroke wise. It would be great to get a functioning matchplay score card where you enter the stroke’s for each hole and then the app automatically keeps the scores for the matchplay. Years ago when searching for matchplay rules, I came across UDisc’s rules and they have graphics that show the score card and how it would look within UDisc for matchplay, link below. So perhaps it isn’t far off from being available?

Is this something that is being worked on or in the future?

Appreciate you contributing here, Travis! We are committed to making improvements and will keep this in mind for future updates. There’s another thread on this that you might want to check out: Adding Skins Match as a scorecard option :slight_smile: