Adding Skins Match as a scorecard option

Would love to have a scorecard option that would track scores for a skins match!
Seems like a pretty simple integration into the app structure that is already present.


So basically a match play scoring mode. Yeah, that’d be cool!

I agree as we used Udisc for our local match play events but had to use traditional scoring

This would be fantastic! Me and some coworkers went out to play skins the other day and found tracking match play points to be decently difficult so this would be a great feature to have.

(Combination of 10 hour work day + the absurd heat made thinking/calculating hard lol)

I’ve been wanting Match Play mode forever! I think I requested this feature when I first did the Dynamic Match Play series back in 2019.

I’ve used one of the simplest scoring apps I could find for Matchplay (or other novelty formats). I’m sure UDisc could add the option if there is genuine demand.

The UK used to have a National Matchplay Tournament but players seem to have lost interest in the format. Maybe the option to keep score in UDisc would change that.

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We have team challenge in New England and play one round of Match Play and a second round of best score dubs. Having match play scoring added would be perfect for us! We already use it for dubs, would love to be able to use udisc for match play.

I thought it was used for DGPT all star events when they did it. Even if its just noting how many holes you won would be a huge help!

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