New Round with Same Players

It’s possible that this feature exists, but I haven’t been able to find it…

When completing a casual round, I’d love to be able to quickly start a new round defaulting to the same course / layout / players.

Thoughts welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi Rock, thanks for your feedback here. This option isn’t exactly available, but when creating a new scorecard the ‘Recent’ option should show you the most recently played course and players as you create your scorecard.

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That is FANTASTIC… thanks so much for the quick (and helpful) response! I’ve been a Pro member since 2019 and never noticed this feature. :upside_down_face:

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I see that @marky has already given you a helpful solution, but I do like your idea. Maybe on one of the splash cards, that appear when a round is completed, there could be a “Let’s Go Again!” button that automates what you suggest.


This is my number one request for a feature. A replay button available on both the app on the phone and the watch.
I’ll often play my local 9 hole by starting a round on my phone and leave the phone in the car. We never play just once but it always requires having to go back to the car to start the next round. Being able to start the next round from the watch would be a huge plus!

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You leave you phone in the car and it doesn’t disconnect the app on the watch? I play rounds where my phone is never more than 5 feet away and still get the “start a scorecard on your phone” message part-way through a round.

Yeah, once the round has started on my Apple Watch it will run the whole thing without connection to my phone. It’s a very nice feature, now if they’d just add a replay at the end of the round, I’d be all set!

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