Price increase for subscription

I use UDisc for scoring. That is it. I think it’s a great app but not for $30. What am I getting out of this that justifies $30?? Not sure I’ll be renewing my subscription….


UDisc is by far the best scoring app around … I do agree the price is pretty steep for casual users but I do think the app is wonderful and they have many good developers they have to pay to continue to make it awesome. Personally, I think it’s well worth the $30 but perhaps they should make it cheaper for more casual users.

Keep in mind that the course directory and keeping score are 100% free!

Take a look here at all the things that are included without UDisc Pro.

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I could see your point if you only used it at one course, never traveled to other courses. That’s the case, don’t use UDisc. Keep notes on your phone. As long as you know what your score is that’s all that counts.
But…… if you travel and play other courses that are not well marked… UDisc helps you (GPS) find you next hole. (That’s cost somebody something). Playing with friends and want to brag about how much your score is dropping from year to year at you home course or other courses and you have the data to prove it so you can brag a little? Udsisc is great at that… or you can whip out your spreadsheet on excel where you have been transferring all your scores from you notes, and make a line graph to share with your friends.
Want to find where all the disc golf courses are going to be when you travel with that special someone? UDisc can do that when you click on maps…. Or you can do a Google search , weed through all the engine hits, go to each link, then enter the address on your phone, and see where one course is… then back out, go to the search page again, click on the next link, then copy and paste the address of that course and……… I think you get the point. It cost man hours to keep a platform running, up to date, protected against hackers, and made fridley enough and old guys can use it… ha ha because we are
already know the kids are tech savvy.
That is the tip of the iceberg of what UDisc cost is providing for you… everyone hates the cost of everything going up more… I remember when you could buy used disc for 3$ or 4$, and people on the corse would just give a disc to play with…. Now a used disc cost as much as what a new disc used to cost!, crazy right?
You should have heard all us complain when UDisc was no longer apart of the PDGA membership,!!!, Whos still not over that??? Ha ha me I guess…. PDGA gives an Ace polo shirt from PDGA. Which is no where near as good as getting UDisc with a membership.
You had to know they were going to go up. None of us wanted them too, but we could all see it coming… Some of the features I mention are with the free version… don’t feel like you have to pay for a stellar app they have been working so hard to improve.

With that being said… if we vote better as a whole as a nation, we would not be where we are in the huge fleecing of our wallets over all.
Ok off the soap box now!’ Ha ha

Back to work. I need to make some money to pay for my subscription because I enjoy what they provide… If you don’t like it, then go free version, or use your notes on your phone. But I bet if you get out and play more with friends, play with the app, and start using it more than just to score… you see the value… heck take a moment right now and just go look at the stats of you course, look at you own stats and see how much you have improved. That is some pretty sick stats the app can help you glean. Look at what hole is your worst hole when you play, and go do some felid work and whoo the snot out if that hole. That is just some of the amazing things you can get, review, and use to make you game better, and maybe even work your way into the leaderboard!
Good luck man! We are all pulling for you. You got a great tool this year! Make the best of what you bought. It’s an investment to become a serious contender in you disc golf community for sure!

Don’t forget to vote in your local, state, and national elections… because our choices save us at times, and cost us at other times like it us now…

This is meant as a beat down in any way. Just know UDisc has worked so hard to bring us what they have.

I could be wrong, but It seems possible you might not have played with the app, measured any throws, experienced bad courses with bad signage, looked at your course stats over a couple months to a couple of years time, and consider the potential this tool can provide for you.

Go back use these tools over the next months time, and if you can come back and say the 30$ is a waste of you money, I stand corrected.

I believe you find that it helped you but in some great field work, and you be even better than you are now becuse of it!

Don’t give up!

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You didn’t show anything that justifies doubling the price this year. I could see a small increase but double. That’s just absurd someone trying to get rich quick


The only way this might change is if enough people cancel. I could see a reasonable price increase tiered over a few years, but double in one year? And without any significant improvements? Very disappointed.

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