Publish the Course Ratings in Course Info

Another feature request!

My friends and I have a small handicap league. I run a spreadsheet to track average scores to calculate the handicap. But with the huge variability in courses we play, it’s not always very accurate. I like the round ratings UDisc added recently, and I’d like to use average ratings as a handicap tool instead. Would it be possible to publish the ratings of different scores? Then I could translate ratings into throw penalties/bonuses on a per course basis and make things a bit more nuanced.

Hey Tim,
Thanks for contributing to the community. This isn’t something that is available at the moment, but it could be in the future. We love hearing Member ideas and suggestions and do take them into account when we are planning out our projects, so we appreciate your voicing yours!
Best, Team UDisc

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Hi Tim,

I’ve done calculations to figure this out so that my daughter and I can play handicapped rounds at different courses. It is helpful to start getting or calculating ratings for your players on different courses or at least have a good baseline of rounds at one course. Then, if you have a UDisc rated round at a new course, you can calculate the “difficulty” of the course and expected scores for your players.

I’d be happy to work with you on it a bit using Google Sheets. If you are interested, I wonder if a UDisc moderator can get us in touch via email without announcing it to the world?


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I’ve actually started doing this already and have a solid baseline of par->rating conversions for my players on the courses and layouts we play the most often. But if we do something brand new I’m going in blind…

For my calculations, I only need a single score and UDisc rating to do the predictions for every player. Let me know if you’d like to see an example.

No I’m good. It’s that single score I want. If they published “even par = X rating” then we can figure out handicaps for places we’ve never played.

You could plug in a sample round…