Reset Matchup History / Matchup history for the previous month/year/lifetime

Hi UDisc, Love the innovations you are throwing into the product lately.

The new matchup history is really cool, but was wondering if we could add a couple other filters into the history. Very similar to profile stats where we have last 10/last 20/current year, pervious year/ etc.

Main reason for this is we don’t always start playing our friends and the same level, but get better over the year(s). I would like to say in 2023 I was 40-30-5 against my buddy, and even more importantly, bet him something for the 2024 (or just the month of January)

thanks for listening.


I’d like to upvote this as a feature request!!! :slight_smile:

Checking in to see if others would find this feature useful.

Right now I am keeping a whiteboard stats for our 2024 bet.

Hey Russ, Thanks for checking back in here! While this isn’t something we have currently, it may be a possibility in the future! Appreciate your continued excitement in regards to the Matchups :slight_smile: Rooting for you in 2024! Best, Team UDisc