Syncing scores?

So, this is the 1st time I was playing with someone that had the UDisc app and we wanted to track our scores. My question is, “why is it that when I add my scores to my phone it does not show up on their phone and vice a versa”? We have both names listed on each phone as well. We have to enter both scores on each phone to keep track. Am I missing something?

When you made your scorecard did you add them to your card? And did they use your card or make their own? If you’re on the same card, either of you can update the scores for both of you.

Thanks for the reply.

We each had our own card on our phones with both names on them. I thought that when you updated your card it would automatically update to each others card.


Did you add them as a friend by username or PDGA#? If you just created a new player and gave them a name, UDisc has no way to know who that is.

Go to More → Players and find your friend. You should see their @ username there on that page. If you don’t, hit the button to link that player to their account and type in their username. You might need to ask for their username first if you don’t know it. They can find their username on the profile tab, it starts with an @.


Been there! One person makes the card and adds the other person to it. That person should see a new card available to them to join. No need for both people to make a card.


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