Adding Friends/Seeing Friends Profiles

I would love the ability to follow my friends on UDisc. That way I could click their profile and see their yearly/all-time stats, courses played, recent rounds, their bags, leagues they’re active in and stuff like that.

Obviously, I think all players should have the ability to hide whatever they want incase they don’t want people seeing their rounds but if done right, it would be a cool “Social media disc golf” thing.


I second the idea,.it could start as only viewing friends. Then building up to viewing/searching orhers. I would not want to see any social media or private messaging,.I feel there is already an abundance of that


I think the “Social Media Disc Golf” thing would be a big win for UDisc. They’ve started towards this with adding CardCast. Have always wanted to know where/when/what my friends threw recently!


I would rather that efforts be put into furthering the abilities of the maps and events.

My concern is that social features would bloat the app, drain battery, and leave the app less efficient at doing the primary jobs that I pay for.

Maybe a stand alone app would be a better option for those who want to interact virtually with other people’s profiles?


Check out Upsi from Google play store or iPhone appstore. It has social media features. Live tracking and you can chat with friends who are following the game. It’s Finnish version of Udisc.

Strong agree with this. There’s enough social media in the world already. I just need uDisc to be a way to find courses and keep score. I talk to my friends when I want to know about the discing.

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I disagree that adding this feature to the app would cause tech bloat. Those who don’t care about it wouldn’t add any friends, leaving their feed empty and UDisc as they know it would be the same as it ever was. Strava for running/cycling is an excellent comparison. Some people use it only to track their personal mileage and achievements and others use it to challenge friends and beat their times/see what they’re up to. Me personally, if I’m sitting on my butt at home and then I see that my buddy just finished a round and beat my PB I’m likely to grab my bag and go hit the course too.

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It’s great adding other players and seeing activity, but I’d love to see their stats - longest throw (and what disc they used), average score this year, number of rounds, etc. I want to see how I stack up compared to my friends!


As I’ve gotten more competitive, I have met and scored rounds with some local players on UDisc. I even get notifications after they accept saying they are now my “friend”. So I went looking for my friend list, or a way to find other players, to surprisingly find that capability doesn’t yet exist. I really feel like the ability to see others’ profiles including stats, scorecards, played courses, discs, etc. is very oddly missing from such a sophisticated app as UDisc. I absolutely LOVE UDisc! But this feels like a big, strange gap in functionality.

As another poster mentioned, there should be some control over whether you choose to expose your stats. Could start as a simple master switch to make your profile public/private. Then it could be expanded to give the ability to toggle sharing of specific types of data, such as scorecards, courses played, rating, upcoming/past events, etc.

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Hi @markjfun

There is a Privacy switch if you go to advanced Settings under the More tab. Scroll to the bottom of the More page.

Your ‘friend’ list is also under More. It is called Players and you can sort by Name or number of rounds played together. In the top right corner (on iOS) there is an add friend button. You can use Bluetooth to add nearby players or you can search by username or PDGA number.

If you select a player, it will bring up your matchup history as well as a list of all the scorecards that you made with that player.

The same add player button is also available when creating a new scorecard.

This seems like plenty for me and quite easy to use.

Thanks. I’m aware of what exists, as I explored the app thoroughly before posting. I like what’s there so far, and I stated what I think is missing in my reply above.

It’s ok that your and my opinions differ.

Profile stats viewable would be amazing

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So many times after a round my friends and I like to discuss our scoring history on a course, often to just see how our improvement is progressing. It would be so great if we could look at one another’s profiles and compare all-time stats, courses and a host of other already tracked data points.
I’m not a big one for social media, but I do love stats and seeing how my friends are doing.
If we can now only view a friend’s best score on the leaderboard (new change), then please consider giving us access to view their profile and see more of their scoring history. That would be phenomenal change to my favorite app on my phone.

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