Can we please add Male:Female to our profiles and use it for comparison purposes

I’ve written to the app creators about this feature and would love to see others do so as well. The responded that they need others to get support.

I’d love for gender to be included as part of our profiles. And then it could be used when looking at things like leaderboards or comparing how long to people drive on average at a hole.

Just think it’s silly for me to be comparing my self to men when we all know gender plays a role. And if we are trying to get more females in the sport this would be a helpful feature.

Thank you for considering. And for those who feel led plead write to the creators of the app.

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Hi! Thank you so much for contributing to the community and for your suggestion. I love this idea as well :slight_smile: Perhaps in the future this will be an option - we do take member suggestions into account when planning for our next projects and I’ve made sure to add yours to the list. Have an awesome next round! Best, Becky Kate

Maybe include experience level too? People could self-select the PDGA group that matches them best (MA4, FP0, MA40, etc)

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