Disc Golf "course and club association"

Disc Golf “course and club association” is there a way in which every course listing could include the local club maintaining it.

The three courses we manage are attributed - Westchester disc golf - WeDGE listed under FDR Park, the Ace Place and Leonard Park.

It would be great if this information was available on all coirses. I want to know who to thank when visiting course or researching places to play #roadtrip . They may have “club events” not listed on udisc like dubs or a “monthly”.

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Hi Chris, Thanks for contributing to the Community! Like you mentioned, some courses do this already within the name or details section of the course. But the idea to have a field specifically for that information is an interesting one. Thank you for posting about it. Perhaps in the future this is something we could add. I’ll make sure to record it so we don’t lose track of it. (Go Yankees! :wink: ) Best, BeckyKate