Feature Request: Import from PDGA rounds

Hey, so I know I’m not the only person that does this (because I got the suggestion from someone else … and it’s been passed on a lot since then) … But I always like to, after playing a PDGA sanctioned round (and needing therefore to use the PDGA Live app), to transcribe that round into UDisc, so that UDisc remains the record-of-history of every round that I’ve played. Keeps my full statistics (and now, keeps my streak going). etc.

But I’ll have to admit, it’s a bit of a painful process. It would be nice if there was an easier (or automated) way of doing this. I know the PDGA has an API, but also screen-scraping is possible to get rounds. Or even a browser plugin could do it. The catch is getting them into Udisc. Since the only way to actually create a round in Udisc, is to use the app, and go hole by hole as if you were playing the round. (and then suddenly UDisc thinks you had a 2 minute long round).

It’s not a huge thing, but would be awesome if there was a way for rounds to be automatically ingested from PDGA to UDisc.

Or, at a minimum, if there was an easier way to enter a round, after the fact. Either on the website for UDisc (preferrably), with a full scorecard you could just type numbers, hit tab, number, tab, number, tab. Or at least on the phone a way to say: “I’m entering a full round at once”, And it give you a more compact view letting you do multiple holes at the same time, in a scrollable grid.

Anyway, food for future UDisc thought


I also enter my PDGA rounds into Udisc in order to keep track of my rounds. Last time I was lazy and just made an activity round and entered my final score and PDGA rating as the title of the round. But then I miss out on all the other stats.


Why not just do both methods during the round? That’s what I do. I start the round in UDisc and then score it as well in PDGA Live scoring. It’s not that hard to do at all, and then you get all the stats and activity in UDisc (and not a two-minute round). I end up doing the PDGA Live scoring on the phone and UDisc on my watch. Easy.

Not that having an automated way to import that data wouldn’t be nice, I just think it is pretty easy to track both during the round with each app.

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Thanks for the idea Wally … that may work for some people. But for me (with ADHD, and playing down in Purple/MA5 range) … I tend to struggle to keep up with everything anyway … so it’s one less thing to think about for me to just do it afterwards.

Now, if UDisc would add the ability to do the ‘mark a shot where I am’ feature from the app, to the watch. That would be fairly easy, since I could just be going +1, +1, +1 as I go, instead of having it default to par …

(Also need a way to keep the UDisc app ‘in front’. ever since the iOS update that seems to have removed the easy ‘show me runnning apps’ feature … I find I have to basically relaunch it constantly)


No worries. I have never heard of/used the “mark a shot where I am feature” but then I don’t score via the phone often at all, almost exclusively on my Pixel watch. And it does keep the UDisc app active on the watch so very seldom have to relaunch, only if I do manually switch over to messages or something else.

Hope you get something figured out to make it easier for you to do both.