🥏 How do I run or play in a league on UDisc?

Are you new to running leagues on UDisc? If so, below you will find some helpful instructions and tips on how to be successful.

Before an event:

  • Submit a league application. You can submit your league for approval here. Make sure to include all relevant information. The more details you can provide, the more likely we are to approve your league. Check out this post for some common reasons that a league may not be approved.

  • Set up your league. When your league is approved, you will receive an email letting you know. You can use the links in that email to access your league manage tools. In your manage tools, you can use the Settings tab to enter important information about your league. Here you can make changes to the details of your league. Additionally, you can set the play format and start type, create divisions, and set a cover photo.

  • Create your first league event. When you have completed your league setup, it’s time to create your first event. Go to the ‘Events’ tab on the left side, and click to ‘Schedule a New Event.’

  • Set up your general event settings. You can name your event, specify the event type, select date and time, set your format and start type, choose your course and layout, set a scorecard message if you wish, and specify which divisions you want to use for that event.

    • What are the possible event types?
      • Single Day Event - A one round event that happens on only one day.
      • Single Day Recurring Event - A one round event that happens on a specific day each week for a number of weeks.
      • Multi-Day Event - A one round event that spans multiple days
    • Can I create events at different courses?
      • Yes! Even if your league is set to a specific ‘Home’ course, whenever you create an event, you can select any course and any layout you wish to play.
    • Do all of my events have to have the same format and start type?
      • Every event can be set to whichever format and start type that you want to use, this does not have to match the basic settings you have for your league.

    Events become active at midnight on the day of the event, and auto-complete when the event is finished. Please note, the course, layout, and other event details cannot be edited once an event becomes active.

During an event:

  • All members must have a UDisc account. They are not required to have UDisc Pro, a free account or UDisc Pro trial will work great.

  • Players can check in to the event in the app. From the ‘Events’ tab of the UDisc App, players can locate your league event, and tap ‘Check In.’ This will add players to the event, and allow them to create a league scorecard. If a player does not have their phone with them, or does not have a UDisc account, another player can assist in getting them checked in. From the league page they can tap ‘Players’ then ‘Add New Player.’

  • UDisc Leagues use live scoring. At least one player on each card must be keeping score. But with live scoring, all players on the card will have access to it in their UDisc App and can add scores and see changes in real time.

  • One player per group should create a scorecard. Once all players in a group are checked in, one of the players can create a scorecard for that group either from the league page, or from the Rounds tab of their UDisc app. They will add the players in their group to their card from the list of checked-in players.

    • If a scorecard grouping changes after the card is created, a player on the card can use the scorecard menu in the top right to access the ‘Add/Remove Players’ option.
  • Keep an eye on the leaderboard. During the round, from the scorecard or the league page, you can open the leaderboard and track scores in real-time.

  • Reach out to checked-in players with a push notification. During the event if the league admin needs to get a message out to checked-in players, they can send a notification from their league manage tools. Navigate to the current event, and under the ‘Details’ section, select ‘Send Notification.’

After an event:

  • Complete your event. Events will auto-complete within 2 days of an event being played, however, you can manually complete your event from the ‘Scoring’ section in the top right corner.

  • Check your league standings. If you have standings enabled and the recently played event was within the timeframe set, your league standings should update once the event is complete. You can learn more about standings here.

  • Make necessary updates to scores after the event has completed. If the event has already completed and scorecards are locked, but you find that a score is incorrect and needs to be fixed, you can do this on the ‘Scoring’ tab for this event. Start by ‘Unlocking Event’ in the top right corner.

    You can then make any needed changes to scores below, and when finished complete the event again. (Please note, if you are accessing this page on a mobile device, you may need to flip the orientation of your device and scroll right to see all scores.)

  • Export scores to CSV. If you wish, from the Scoring tab of the event you can ‘Export to CSV.’

If you have any questions or need any assistance running or playing in a local league, please don’t hesitate to ask!