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It seems that with the latest update, there has been a huge change to the file that can be downloaded after league play. Not only has it changed from a CSV file to a XLSX file, but the columns and info has changed dramatically. It appears to contain more information (PDGA numbers for example), but it is not ordered like the leaderboard. I’m not even sure what the order of output is anymore…looks like maybe alphabetical by division…this does not make much sense to me.

I sure wish that the old format was still an option.

The CSV format is not very flexible, unfortunately, so we upgraded to XLSX so that we could support events with more than a single round.

However, for single round events, the format is quite close to before. The sorting is by division first, then by the position within that division, which will match the leaderboard. Aside from the additional columns, the only header changes are:

  • total_scoreevent_total_score
  • relative_scoreevent_relative_score

Hi Scott,

I understand the need to upgrade. All the information is still there, but there are many changes in the order of the information that make things difficult when one has built league stuff around the old system. For those who are just reading:

-column order is much different…used to be the most important stuff was first (Division, Finish, Name, Relative Score, Total Score). Now, there is all sorts of other stuff with PDGA number, entry number, username. And, the original items aren’t in the same order.
-row order is different in that DUP rounds are now with the division instead of at the bottom. That probably makes sense, but it is different. Change is hard.

I will have to adapt to the format, I am sure. But, I would recommend two things for your consideration.

First, please order the divisions top-to-bottom by skill rather than alphabetically. Alphabetically really doesn’t make sense in the context of UDisc.

Second, for column-order, wouldn’t everyone want Division first since that is the first sort and raw finish second since that is the second sort? Then name, of course…

I hope that you will consider both changes, but the first change for sure.

Ya, thanks for the feedback.

We meant to order divisions in same order as specified in the event (which will typically be by skill) - this was a bug, so will get it fixed.

I agree we can better match the web-view of the leaderboard and show division → position → score first, so will get this changed as well.

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@smerchek please consider adding the H1 timestamp as new col too (ideally at the end/right). This is useful for knowing who played w/ who when there is a need to reconcile disputes.

I really appreciate the action and speed that the changes were implemented. Wow!

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