One touch score keeping with stats

Hello and thanks for all the Udisc team is doing for the community. I have a request or suggestion for detailed one touch score keeping. The ability to walk up to your lie and tap your watch or the bushnell disc jockey or whatever, and record the lie location and add the stroke as well as have an audible read out of distance thrown and distance to the basket.
The way you can tap the disc jockey and get distance to the basket is awesome and easy. If we could incorporate that system into scoring I believe more people would do it and the data sets would grow exponentially. Thanks for including me in the discussion!


Thanks, you post saves me from putting down my thought. This feature would have my buy an Apple Watch immediately. Just marking the score is not worth the money. I really want to keep track of my stats without having to pick up my phone.

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There have been several feature suggestions about smart watch scorecards getting enhancements in the past month or so. The response each time has been along the lines of “great idea but not on our roadmap currently.”

Here is a link to a similar topic, with some of the other created topics linked there as well.