Distance to Pin: Now on your smartwatch!

Constantly wondering how far you are from the basket? Love using a rangefinder, but hate pulling it out of your bag?! With distance to pin now on your smartwatch, no need to dig around to find that extra tool.

:thinking: Not sold? Try it yourself and tell us what you think! While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a peek at the GPS accuracy indicator too.

*Available on version 18.2 and with a UDisc Pro subscription.

Distance to pin on smartwatch


I have tried this on a few rounds now. It’s a nice feature, however it seems to really make the ability to hit the + or - for hole score much more sensitive. I am having a very hard time now scoring my rounds with this new update :frowning:

Hi there, glad you’ve been able to try this out but sorry to hear it’s making things a bit tricky. We’d love to help make sure this is working well for you. Can you send a message with a screen recording of what you’re experiencing to help@udisc.com? Thanks!

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for the response, I appreciate you reaching out. I’m not sure how to do that really. I would have my Pixel Watch on my left wrist, then need to use my right hand to try to advance my round score. So no ability to hold a phone ro record a video.

I just played another round this morning, and experienced the same issue. The + and - buttons are very exact and I need to hit them in a specific spot to get it to register. I always think that I am hitting it correctly, but then it doesn’t record, or it moves to the previous or next hole, or nothing happens at all.

I never had this issue before this new distance feature was added this week. And given how it is causing me issues, I honestly don’t like it and would love to turn it off.


@wallysnowbird can you try taking the watch off your wrist and recording a video. Please send this to help@udisc.com and we can continue the conversation there!

Hi Jenn,

When I take my watch off, it immediately goes into a lock mode. I can unlock it, but then it locks again. So not sure that will work.


FWIW, I have had this behavior when scoring on my watch well before the distance to pin update. The +/- buttons are very sensitive and if you don’t tap dead center, it doesn’t seem to register.

Agreed, but for me, it is much more sensitive now with the distance to pin update. I would guess that I have to try the button at least three times to register, and not uncommon for it to take a half dozen attempts. But maybe it is just me that is experiencing this behavior.

Been waiting for this. Awesome update.

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Apple Watch here and just noticed it at league yesterday and found it very useful and intuitive on the Apple Watch. Didn’t interfere with my score keeping at all and was nice to know rough distances to the pin!

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