Round activity not accurate

I use my Apple Watch to score my round on UDisc in my iPhone. The Round Activity is never accurate. I played a 5000ft course this morning. Apparently I only took 111 steps for 0.1mi. What’s the deal???

Hi, thank you so much for reaching out about this. Currently the pedometer data that we collect is specific to the iPhone itself. This means if you don’t carry your phone while scoring, it won’t calculate your steps and distance. We are looking into solutions for getting this data from the watch, but as of right now, the only way to get that information is by carrying your phone on you.

If you were carrying your phone with you, and still had this issue, reach out to us at and we’ll help look into it further!

Thank you. I actually do carry the phone with me. It is in the putter pouch on my cart. On familiar courses it stays there the entire round, while I keep score on my watch.

That makes sense. The pedometer only works when your device is on your person, carrying it in your bag or cart would likely cause the activity to not register properly. Sorry again for the inconvenience with that, we are looking into if it’s possible to make a change here down the road.

Ahhhh, interesting. I’ll have to stick it in my pocket and see if it registers the next round. Thanks for your replies!


Played a 12 hole course today with the phone in my pocket, yielding much different results.

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I wonder if someone used special wheels on their cart, say something with the axle off center or of a non-uniform radius, if they could simulate the rocking motion of walking? Then I suppose they just need to scale the circumference of the wheel to match an average stride length. Sound easy enough. :wink:

Why wouldn’t your watch info be utilized as your using it to keep the round score?