Pro tees-NO RATING!?!?

Round rating feature was blank after playing the PRO tees at Brent Baca Memorial disc golf course this morning. Literally the one feature i signed up for. End of my best true count round on the course - no rating!?!
So, i made a fake round off the amateurs…round rating provided!?! What is wrong with this picture?
Why wouldn’t the PRO Tees have a rating?!?
Really disappointing as i don’t play amateur tees anywhere.
Anyone else finding this to be the case? Am i missing something?

Why didn’t I get a round rating?

In order for a round to receive a rating, it needs to adhere to these criteria:

  • It must be scored on a Smart Layout that has a difficulty classification.

  • Six or more holes must have been scored.

  • You must be subscribed to UDisc Pro

  • UDisc’s regression model must have high confidence in the rating parameters for at least three-fourths of the holes that were played.

If all of that criteria was met and you still did not receive a rating, there could be a problem with your network connection. Try to retrieve your rating again once you have better signal.

I would suspect that the PRO tees either aren’t a smart layout or there aren’t enough rounds submitted to that layout in order for uDisc to calculate a rating.

Hi Scott, Chris is correct. The Pro tees layout is not a Smart Layout. We only have data on the Smart Layouts that allows us to provide a round rating. That layout will need to be converted to a Smart Layout and then collect enough data to receive a difficulty rating. After that, it will be equipped to provide round ratings. If you know your Course Ambassador, feel free to ask them to get that taken care of. If not, definitely reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to assist however we can!

It says you’re a course ambassador, is it Baca? If so let’s catch up for one of NM best course
If not, how do I find a Baca Ambassador/s?

I don’t know how to find who is a course ambassador for any given course, but I’m a course ambassador for a small 9 hole course in Indiana. I don’t know what Baca is haha.

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You can score your round again on the non-pro layout and your rating should be the same if it’s only the pars that are different (i.e. the tees and baskets are the same in either way). Alternatively, you can convert the Pro Layout to Smart Layout and then re-score your round. You’ll get a round rating and then you can change the date on it.

Amazing results with UDisc!! I sent a message to the help desk about this. Jenn with Udisc got back to me to let me know she had converted the layout for round rating and to keep playing for a week or so until enough data was available. I felt really good about the attentiveness and response Jenn and the UDisc team provided


Awesome Scott, thanks for the update!