Profile tab takes too long to load

The “Profile” tab on the Android app consistently takes 20+ seconds to load when connected to high speed wifi. I’m not sure what the appropriate threshold is, but 20 seconds is too long.

I’m on Android as well and the Profile page pops up in <1 sec for me. I have 133 rounds in UDisc, in case that matters.

I do have a lot of rounds logged (1660+), which probably isn’t helping. If that is the issue, then it’ll likely become a problem for more people over time.

Hi Martin! Even with that many rounds, your profile tab should be loading much quicker. Can you make sure you are on the lates possible version of UDisc? If you are and the problem continues, can you contact me at and we will be happy to investigate this further!

Same issue here, profile takes ~10s to load. Currently, I have 1016 rounds recorded. This issue has been there for quite some time (I wrote about it to support in August - had about 900 recorded rounds then)
Perhaps it is because I am running older android (11 on OnePlus 6T). Running UDisc v18.2.0 (9214)

Hello - we’re aware that the profile tab on Android can take a bit to load if you have several hundred+ scorecards, and an older device amplifies this. Once it loads though, it should be performant when you switch filters or tabs, it’s just the initial calculation that takes a while.

This has nothing to do with your network connection, it’s purely how long it takes to chug through all your scorecards and calculate all the stats we show on the profile.

We just rebuilt the profile stats calculation on iOS so it’s basically instant, and we are planning to do the same on Android. It will get better!

For reference, I have 900 rounds, most with full stats, and on a Pixel 7 it takes about 3s on initial load.

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