Standard Tee Distances?

Quick question: Do you all have a standard you all go by when selecting tee colors? Currently we only have one layout at 5268 ft. Would you all call that Red, White, Or Main? What are y’alls thoughts?

In ball golf this is pretty standard where red is the shortest tee then yellow, then white, then blue, then black.

I’m not sure if Disc Golf is this standardized.

Do you have plans to expand your course with another set of tee pads in the future? If you only have one set of pads, and no plans to add a second set, I’d probably just call them “main”.

Hi @stevenrains13

The PDGA has a resource page that explains their guidelines for colour coding course difficulty. They take not only hole distances into consideration but also distances to dog legs, water carries, density of foliage, and elevation change;

PDGA Course Design Player Skill Level Guidelines

If your 5268ft is quite open and only gently elevated then I would guess you could label them as White tees. But that course length overlaps the top end of Reds and bottom end for Blues too.

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