Feature Request for Practicing Putting

Could we get a putting practice mode where we could have a counter to track how many putts were made from a specific distance?
9/13 - 91/100 putts made from 15 ft
9/14 - 80/100 putts made from 15 ft
9/15 - 38/50 putts made from 15 ft
9/15 - 24/50 putts made from 30 ft

Or something like that?

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Thanks for providing feedback here! If you open the UDisc app and go to More → Putting Practice, you will see an option pretty similar to what you are hoping for. You can learn more about how to use the Putting Practice in this help article.

Hi Markell,

I’m commenting on this thread because the original post is exactly the idea that I wanted to request. I figured I should search the topic to see if already existed, and viola!

While I understand that the answer you gave is as close as we can get in the app right now, I do believe that it would be a great new feature to add some more details/customization to the putting practice page.

Right now, putting practice is restricted to “5 putts at x distance” per scorecard. What the OP (and I) desire is a way to set the parameters of our practice for a customizable putting practice scorecard.

I live in the city and my practice area restricts my putting distance to <25 feet, so having the option to make a putting scorecard that tracks x/100 putts from 20’ would feel like a better way to track my progress over this offseason.

The current way to do this would be either creating a new scorecard for every 5 “C1 Medium” putts, or to track it outside the app. Tracking my practice outside the app is fine, but I would for UDisc to be my one stop shop for all things disc golf. We all love stats, and we all love when those stats are in the same place.

Thanks for your additional feedback and consideration ahead of time!