An easy option for multiple basket locations

Happy discing everyone,
There are plenty of courses with multiple basket options, but UDisc doesn’t accurately account for which one is actually played. For instance there are parks that only have one basket but two randomly rotating locations, or a course that has a long and short basket, but not on every hole. There are some parks that have three baskets to choose from. It would be impossible for UDisc to keep up with all the rotation, so it would be a helpful option on those types of courses to choose which basket a player is tracking before entering the score.
It would be simple for a player to select hole, select which basket option they are tossing to, and then enter score.
Everyone hit those chains, return those discs, and be well!

Hey there and thanks for posting here! This actually is an existing option in the app. As long as Course Ambassadors have added all the tee and target locations, and the course is set up with Smart Layouts, players can always choose which tee or target they are playing.

Thank you for the information! I am sorry, I did not see that small orange basket icon. I really do not use any apps, so there is probably a lot I am missing. One thing I am not seeing is a lost/found posting forum for each course. That would be a neat feature to post pictures of found discs to reunite with owners and possibly make a new friend, or you can post if you lost a disc and offer a reward. Love the app and would love to work for the organization in some way. If I attach my resume will you send it to the right person? That would be much appreciated! Have a wonderful and safe weekend and keep hitting those chains!
Ian Mulvaney

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