Fitbit functionality?

Is Fitbit functionality a feature that we can look forward to at any point?


Hey Brad, thanks for contributing here! I too would love a Fitbit functionality as I’m a Fitbit fan as well. This is not currently something we are working towards but it could be in the future. I’m moving this post to the topic Product Feedback and tagging with new-feature so we can keep track of this.

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I too would love Fitbit and Udisc integration. Fitbit states to reach out to Udisc since their web API and smartwatch SDK are open and can be integrated. I hope Udisc can make this happen sooner than later!

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I was just the other day looking if they had an app for Fitbit that would have been amazing!

Yes! Please add FitBit! Any chance that will make a jump on the development priority list with Google buying FitBit?

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Hi you now something more about using the Fitbit connect to UDisc?

Hi @annek74 - this isn’t currently supported and isn’t on our near term roadmap. Appreciate your reaching out to share your feedback!