Map alignment function

Often times I find that the stack up of gps location errors between my phone, the course map, and the phone that created the course map adds up to being more than 30 ft. My distance to the basket in reality versus my blue location dot on the map relative to the basket location on the map is often significantly different. For example, I could be 15 ft from the basket, but the map would show me 45 ft from the basket. In order for putting stats to be meaningful, I find that I have to manually create a pin at a different location than where my blue location dot is. I have also noticed that the offset is usually the same amount in the same direction on any given course.

What I propose is a map alignment function that allows me to offset my blue dot from my actual gps location using the basket location as an alignment point. Alternatively, the map could be moved and the blue dot left unchanged from the the phone’s gps reports.

How it would work would be that I could go up to the basket on any hole, and tell the app that I am holding my phone directly above that basket. The app could then calculate X,Y offsets that would just be stored locally on my phone for that round (and maybe with an option to save for future rounds). Then it would use that offset to correct the map. It could either move the map or move the blue dot. That way, the location information could be manually aligned with the actual basket location and the “+” button would drop a shot pin in the correct relative location to the basket. Then on the next hole, it should already be correct from the first alignment. If it’s not, I could do the alignment function again. (Multi-point alignment could result in a stretching / scaling of the map, but that would be next level).
The goal is always to have the course map (especially the basket locations) be correct relative to my blue location dot.

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