Moving Cards from Round 1 to Round 2 in and event

We have ran multiple events using the UDisc app. Most have been 2 round tournaments. We have had no issues in the past moving players from round 1 to round 2 and auto generating the cards. Yesterday however when we went to generate cards on round #2, players from different divisions were mixed all over the place. We un assigned players and then checked our settings and everything was the same as the 1st round. I did notice that some of the cards were not “verified” and I had to mark them finished. But when we regenerated cards it was still a mess and divisions were all combined. We ended up building 19 cards (20 hole course) by hand. Was the fact that the cards were not all initially verified the issue? Here is the tournament in question if anyone from Udisc can take if peak at it. Thank you in advace DISCS UNLIMITED OPEN | Herington, KS | UDisc Events

Hey @kevinrneufeld - thanks for reporting this, something definitely not right about that and we will look into it.

Thank you let me know if you have any questions