Pipe Dream: Incorporate round times into stats

This is an edge case for most users, but… In my area, there are a number of “speed golfers” who run on the course with 1-4 discs and no bag. It would be cool to filter on round time to see my stats for rounds in specific time windows, e.g. <20 mins, 21-25 mins, 26-30 mins, 31-60 mins, 1-2 hours, 2-3 hours, 3+ hours. It would even be interesting for seeing how scores decline in those awful tournament/league rounds that drag on for 3 hours. Or taking it a step further, comparing morning stats to afternoon stats.

For speed golf specifically, there could even be a round rating that factors in time. Alternatively, adding a way to see round times on the leaderboards would yield useful info. Lots of different ideas here, and they’re probably all quite low priority. Still, I for one would enjoy these features quite a lot.


An idea that could achieve this without new UI: Add the end time to the rounds export feature. Currently the export only includes the date-time of round start.

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Agreed, adding end time to the csv export would be great. Weather info as well.

I was looking into the round export features a bit last week, but couldn’t find a way to export more than one round at a time. For me that’s a deal breaker on using it, unfortunately. Being able to export all of my rounds would open up tons of opportunities for interesting analysis. Especially for weird metrics that nobody else cares about, and would never make it into the app. Bulk export probably threatens the UDisc business model a bit though, so not sure how likely it is to happen.

To “bulk” export go into the app, tap “More”, under “Play” tap “Scorecards”, tap the triple dot menu in upper right, tap “Export to CSV”.


This is awesome, thanks!

And now all rounds start and end times are included in the round csv exports! Thanks devs!