League Manager able to set Handicaps for league events

I run a Handicap League through UDisc leagues. While its great that players can set the starting score for each player on their card, sometimes people screw up or forget and I as the league manager can’t fix it. It would be great to be able to use the League Manager tools to set players starting scores each week or be able to edit it after the card is finished. Right now in order to fix incorrect score cards, I have to change individual hole scores until the total for the round matches what they shot with there handicap. It creates some funky looking scorecards sometimes.


I second the idea, it would be even better if there was an auto handicap calculator for a league


Please Please Please add a handicap league set up for score cards. I’m currently using UDisc to score my handicap league’s scores but then have to transfer them into another site to get the adjusted scores and finalize the league round for the week . I’ve gotten it down so it doesn’t take too long, thanks to great deputies but doing it all in one spot would be so much easier.


@f1yingsquirrel may I ask what other site you use to manage handicaps?

I have had people share their custom made spreadsheets in the past but they have been extremely cumbersome.

@mattplace Disc Golf Scene. They have leagues as UDisc does . But they also provide a means of creating, establishing and scoring using handicaps.


Hi all, thanks for all the feedback. While specifically handicap leagues are something we hope to support down the road, they are not on the roadmap for the near-term. However, we are working hard to provide some data that will assist with assigning handicaps, and that is on our near-term roadmap.

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Thank you. I’m currently wanting to start up a handicap league. This may be the best option or I go to pen and paper

Try using Disc Golf Scene for running your handicap league

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+1 request for handicap league support!

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Please set up a handicap league. This way, we won’t have to use Discgolfscene.com at all.

With the new version of leagues (rolling out now, send me a message if you want opted-in), we now support TDs editing starting scores in the Tools for the event. Players can still choose their own starting score when they create their card, but each player’s starting score (aka “adjustment”) will can be edited directly by the TD and viewed by everyone on the leaderboard.

From the Admin Leaderboard, click the pen icon next to the player’s scores and select “Adjust scores and penalties”.

Then you can change the starting score (or make other hole score or penalty adjustments like before).

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